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Lorrie Bradshaw Nashville dental patient of Dr. Thomas Nabors, DDS“My name is Lorrie Bradshaw. I am a professional celebrity makeup artist and actress in Nashville, Tennessee.

“I moved to Nashville in 2004 in pursuit of a career working with country artists as their makeup artist and also to continue pursing my acting career. I am very blessed that I have succeeded in both as I work with many country artists in makeup and have also appeared in many country music videos, commercials, print ads, etc.

“After I moved here, I realized that I needed a new dentist here in Nashville. Being in the spotlight and also being up close to many people as I do their makeup, I always want my teeth to look great! I have always been very particular in the past about who I choose as a dentist. So a lot of research was involved in my quest for a great dentist. I researched, had consultations with at least 7 or more dentists here in Nashville. No one seemed to measure up to my expectations or made me feel comfortable so I would consult with another. I wasn’t giving up until I found that dentist who I new was not only great in his profession but who made me feel comfortable being in his chair.

“Then I found Dr. Thomas Nabors! WOW, is all I can say and definitely worth all the searching! The first day I came in and saw all of his amazing work and talked with him about my teeth and my expectations, I had no more doubts! Dr. Nabors and his staff made me feel so comfortable and I knew I would be in good hands with him and his staff! I had no more doubts or worries!

“When I walked out of there, I knew 100% that I had found the dentist I had been looking for! Now he has been my dentist the entire time I’ve been in Nashville! Since then, he and his staff have exceeded all of my expectations! I get compliments on my teeth all of the time. People will say ‘You have beautiful, white, amazing teeth, who is your dentist?’ I let them know Dr Nabors.” —Lorrie Bradshaw

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