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Emergency Dentistry in Nashville, TN

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An emergency can’t wait, and neither will we. Although you never plan for an accident to happen, we are here to help support you and provide comfort during the most difficult times. If you are experiencing anything from mild tooth discomfort to painful throbbing, it can be nearly impossible to concentrate or function regularly. Nashville emergency dentist Dr. Thomas Nabors treats patients experiencing a variety of dental emergencies, and offers same-day appointments for your convenience.

Below is an overview of common emergency situations we treat. Remember that it’s better to give us a call quickly instead of waiting if you are unsure about the pain you’re feeling. We want to help provide you with emergency dental care and give you peace of mind before your dental emergency has the chance to develop into a worse situation.

Common Dental Emergencies We Treat:

Knocked-Out Tooth

Teeth can get knocked out for various reasons including sports or other accidents. If this happens, make sure to gently wash off the tooth and place it in a jar of milk. Make sure to give our office a call because the sooner that we see you, the more likely it is that we can save your tooth.

Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth is also something that deserves immediate attention. The structure of your teeth serves a vital function in maintaining essential daily activities. If your tooth is cracked we need to protect the remaining structure so that further damage isn’t done. When you call our office, we can come up with a solution to keep your tooth intact and help you stay healthy.

Chipped Tooth

When a tooth chips, it can cause tooth pain, and leave a pathway for bacteria to enter your tooth. If you have a chipped tooth, the sooner you contact us, the better! If you can, save the broken part of the tooth and give us a call right away! Dr. Nabors, our Nashville, TN, emergency dentist, can help repair the tooth and prevent infection from causing further problems.

Broken Tooth

Broken teeth can also cause painful problems. If possible, you should save the part of the tooth that has broken off and put it in a glass of milk. You can call our office for a same-day appointment. We will help to repair and protect your remaining tooth and provide you with relief from the pain.

Toothache & Tooth Pain

Your teeth are composed of an outer layer that protects the inner tooth. Daily brushing and flossing will typically take care of any plaque that eats away at this layer. Over time, plaque that hasn’t been removed can cause a cavity.

If left untreated, a cavity can begin to eat away at your teeth and infect its inner layer. This is what causes a toothache. A sharp toothache that is painful or doesn’t go away is your body’s way of alerting you that your mouth needs serious attention.

The quicker you act, the faster we can diagnose the source of the problem and provide you with relief. By reaching out to Thomas Nabors DDS, you can find peace of mind and relief from the pain.

Gum Bleeding

Gum bleeding can be a sign of many different things, including gum disease, but typically it is a result of not practicing proper oral hygiene. Plaque will build up in your mouth causing your gums to become inflamed. When you come into our office, we can identify the source of the problem and take the necessary steps to reverse the damage to your gums.

Don’t Wait to Contact Us | We’re Always Here for You!

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency call us immediately, and we can schedule a same-day appointment during normal business hours. Timing is important because the faster that we can see you the quicker we can act to minimize the damage. We are dedicated to helping get you through this difficulty.

An important thing to remember is that the sooner you come into our office, the faster we can use emergency dentistry to provide relief to your pain. Never hesitate to contact us.

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