Love Your Smile in Nashville

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Love Your Nashville Smile After Teeth Whitening

There is nothing like bright white teeth that light up a person’s whole face when they smile and laugh. No one has to settle for dull, yellow teeth. This is a great time for Downton Nashville men, women and teens to get a deep teeth cleaning and tooth whitening at Thomas W. Nabors, DDS –…

Mouthwash Facts In Nashville

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Mouthwash Facts From Your Downtown Nashville Cosmetic Dentist

Hi, I am Dr. Thomas Nabors and this is the Thomas W. Nabors, DDS – Cosmetic & General Dentistry blog. In today’s post I would like to discuss mouthwash. Many Tennessee residents use mouthwashes to freshen their breath and help retard tooth decay. Mouthwash should never be used exclusively though, good oral hygiene starts with…

Dental Check Up

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Visit Your Hillsboro Village Dentist

When is the last time you visited the dentist? Most people in the Nashville area between the ages of 5 and 85 need a dental checkup every six months. If you live in Nashville and are at higher risk for oral diseases, you should have your teeth checked every four months, or at least three…