Open wide and say “Sentinel of Health!”

Categories: Dental Health

Sounds weird, I know. But, according to past United States Surgeon General, Dr. David Satcher, the mouth (oral cavity) is often referred to as the Sentinel of Health. When you think about it, the mouth is the largest entry point to the inside of the body. It is easily accessible and saliva is now becoming…

Your mouth and your body. What’s the connection?

Categories: Dental Health

The last decade has brought a renewed interest in oral health. Not as much interest in how oral health affects your teeth, but how it affects your body. The science and research that is coming from the medical side of health is connecting inflammation and infection in your mouth to serious diseases such as heart…

Sports-Induced Dental Injuries

Categories: Mouthguards

Due to the significant research and statistics in regards to dental sports injuries and their severity, it is imperative that the athlete, the parents, and the supporting organizations be fully informed of the best ways to stay protected while participating in sports. According to the Journal of the American Dental Association, up to 39% of…

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